[SIMPLE GUIDE + LOCKRINGS] [ALL ANDROID ROMS] Change lockrings on any rom

This is a really simple to do guide on changing the lockring on both a stock Samsung circle lockscreen and the ICS lockscreen on ALL SAMSUNG, AOSP & AOKP ROMS and essentially this same method should also work on ALL ANDROID ROMS that are both ODEXED & DEODEXED. I have...

[ICONS] [2.1+] [ADW/GO/APEX/NOVA] Color Icon

You need to have ADW-, Go-, Apex- or Nova-Launcher installed 483 icons and there will be more.. To complete an update go to your launchers settings menu and select the icons again.

[TOOL] acPatcher (easy patcher) {langs, acpatch5-} | 5.31 |

Manual for using:1. Download latest acPatcher2. Extract3. Download any acpatch Note: acPatcher 3+ not work with old acpatchs14. Extract files with acpatch to acPatcher\acpatch\5. Copy some your .apks (look at the acpatch\resources.txt) to \res\app\ and res\framework\ relatively of use ADB Pull6. Run patcher.exe (acPatcher\patcher.exe)7. Make your decision and wait a...


My first icon theme for Apex, Nova, ADW and Go launchers. 280+ icons and growing! Available at Google Play: RedSquare

How To NinjaMorph

I recently released a new app for theming and modifying apks and jars right from the phone, this app is called NinjaMorph. NinjaMorph was made so that we could more easily make changes to the system apks and jar files from our phones without needing to apply a packaged theme...

Help with GO Launcher Theme Factory!!

When I launch go launcher theme factory it says "downloading application", like it usually does, but this time an error pops up "Unable to load resource:"

[APP] [MOD] [FIXED] [ROOT] DeskClock.apk fixed and ICS Fonts!

How to install? 1. Get a Root Explorer 2. Download the apk above 2b. Mount to r/w (ReWritable) 3. Copy the DeskClock.apk to System/App 4. Set permission to 644 (The picture is just for illustration) 5. Close Root Explorer 6. Do a Hot Reboot or Cold one and ur done!

[Q] [CM10 Theme] Port\land background

I'm new at theming so I've some questions, if who is more expert than me (like everyone lol) could help I'll be very thanksful. It's possible to set two different backgrounds, one for port and one for land? If not, what have I to edit for changing the high part...

[icons] + [ADW themes] THA ICON - Part 1 - ...High quality android icon packs!

Let me share some amazing android icon packs, links below will give you free icons to play with.Check out part 1 of this collection! -- (you are here!)Check out part 2 of this collection!Check out part 3 of this collection!Check out part 4 of this collection!check out part 5 of...

UCCW Skins

Here's a few UCCW skins I threw together. The uzip files are linked under each google play item, so feel free to modify them as you please, buy em if you like, and feel free to share

Posting Smart keyboard theme to Google play

I love smart keyboard that I can change themes... but there's was no theme with pastel color and my favorite hello kitty theme..so I start to make themes myself. I have several themes for girl(most with pastel color and hello kitty themes. ...) I like to share those theme in...

Helvetica font from Samsung GS2

Can I get this font "Helvetica Neue S" somewhere? its such a nice font but how can I get it?

[Q] How to remove list dividers in CM7.2 Contacts.apk

I'm trying to remove (or colour black like the background) all list dividers, vertical and horizontal, in all 4 "screens" of the Contacts app (Phone, Call Log, Contacts, Favorites). I've decompiled Contacts.apk, looked through most if not all XML files in it, but couldn't find anything relevant.