Android System wssnps . .What is this?

Android System wssnps . .What is this?

I have a Galaxy S3 and the last two nights I have left it on airplane mode and left it idle. It drained about 8% over night where as the first couple of times I did this the battery wouldn't drain at all for me. I used better battery stats to see what was causing this and found a wakelock called android system wssnps?

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I'm trying to modify a Miui rom for my hd2. I've done most of what I wish to do already but I'd like to create a folder in /data (e.g. /data/ that would be linked to /system/app/ so that any apk's dropped into /data/ would be installed as a system...

I need nfc files for exynos 5410 tablet (Galaxy s4 files???)

I think I need the files are these: /system/app/Nfc.apk /system/app/Nfc.odex /system/app/NfcTest.apk (Not sure if this is actually needed) /system/etc/nfcee_access.xml /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/ /system/lib/hw/ (the exynos file) I think missing files but do not know what they are. there somewhere where I can get this chip?

[GUIDE] Unpack/repack ext4 Android system images

This is for all who wants to unpack and modify the original system.img that you can flash using recovery. system.img (what you get from the google factory images for example) represents a sparsed ext4 loop mounted file system. It is mounted into /system of your device. Note that this tutorial...

Anti-theft android system?

I use cerberus in my nexus one since several months ago, and after watching the SassiBoB review of this program, I started to think how could I get it permanently configured into my system, just in case the thief knows how to restore the system configuration of the phone.

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i have a problem with android sdk emulator. I want use it to test custom roms for i9001 but first i must root it and install custom recovery. The problem is i cant root it. I cant find guides how to root android 2.3.3 in emulator and those which i...

[Q] Location og busybox, why /system/xbin

Looking at several ROM's for the Desire, I notice that they put the busybox binary in /system/xbin rather than in /system/bin. Also they have links to toolbox in /system/bin for a lot of commands that also exist in busybox, and with /system/bin before /system/xbin in the $PATH will result in...

Zopo ZP500 (Libero) ADB Push file, file went back to 0 byte

I use the official root software for this device in the chinese website and this is what i get failed to copy 'RootExplorer.apk' to '/system/app/RootExplorer.apk': Read-only f ile system Unable to chmod /system/app/RootExplorer.apk: Read-only file system Unable to chmod /system/app/RootExplorer.apk: Read-only file system

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I just get a new A50 from Australia and try to root it. It's successful with z4root and I try to install Thai font to system. Unfortuantely I did wrong by deleting font folder in the system, therefore I can't run the system again. When I power on, it still...

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