[BootAnimation] Simple Android WVGA (95kb)

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HOW TO INSTALL BOOT ANIMATIONS FOR CUSTOM ROMS 1) download your desired bootanimation. 2)rename the file to "bootanimation.zip" 3) Using any root explorer copy/push your bootanimation to /system/media/ or /data/local/


I was wondering how to extract images from LWP apk. Uncle Google didn't helped . I think it's impossible to get those images from apk. But in some way I get full animation It will be my sweet mystery how I do that. It was quite simple but sneaky. I've...

[Boot Animation] Android Bios Boot animation | New: GALAXY NEXUS!

saw that nice BIOS boot screen on a friends Hero(someone told me it was the "Villain ROM") and made something similar for our Nexus One (edit: list of device specific versions at the bottom) (should be working on other WVGA devices as well):How to install: Download the version of your...

Problem changing the Bootanimation.

I wanted to make my own bootanimation for the Galaxy Nexus. So i pulled a bootanimation out of the ROM i am currently using and replaced the png´s with my own ones (same size). Then i pulled the bootanimation back to the rom and flashed it... But the animation doesn´t...

[HELP ME]Bootanimation Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus s7500

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus and I want to change the bootanimation.zip (I downloaded the bootanimation suitable for my phone) I copy the bootanimation.zip and paste in system / media (in system / media there was no bootanimation already present), I find many files here for example: battery_batteryerror.qmg...

[TUTORIAL] How to make and install android bootanimations

This is a guide which tells you how to make a your very own bootanimation and install a bootanimation on your device.plz let me know if you made a bootanimation using this method so that every bootanimation made using this method can be posted hereHow to make a bootanimation

iPhone Standard Bootanimation!

I have been searching for the iPhone start up screen and couldnt find any... No i wasnt.. i was really bored and I had a idea of making a 2secs bootanimation ( bootstillimage ) of the iPhone TO INSTALL!!! - Download bootanimation.zip - Put bootanimation.zip in phone SD card -...

[Q] Why IS my BOOtanimation is Not WOrking ??

i've made a bootanimation.zip file for my xperia x8... after replacing the original bootanimation... my boot is only black in color... what's wrong with my bootanim..??