i am curruntly using a t mobile g2 touch "htc hero". I really want to use themes on it but dont know what i have to do to use them, do i have to "root" my phone ? I am reading into custom roms but not to sure yet i only really want to use themes to make my phone look different form my friends android phones (petty i know but thats me) i have tried using go launcher from the android market to change how it looks but i didnt like any of the themes they offer

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LG Optimus L9?

Is there another name this device goes by? Because I can't find anything regarding this thing on this thread. I was curious if there has been any development what so ever.

Best keyboard for tablets? (Android)

Getting my TouchPad (finally) on Thursday, and I was curious which keyboard I should use since I normally have Swype.

About Launcher's.

I have a P350 lg aka optimus me, and I'm curious about these launchers, which modify the appearance of the android; I would like to test them, but, I wonder if they impose modify files. system

How hot do tablets run?

I've never had the opportunity to sit and use a tablet for an extended period of time. I'm therefore curious as to whether they generate much heat after long periods of use like a lap top. Is this the case? Or do tablets generally run much cooler?

add skype to android set top box

I am thinking of purchasing one of these a XIOS DS HD Wi-Fi Media Player which runs ICS. I was curious to know if I could get skype working on this device with an external camera. I tried searching the forum with no luck.

[Q] About widgetlocker

I have been looking quite a bit on Widgetlocker but one thing that i am curious about is the ability to lock the screen during phonecalls so that i dont press any buttons accidently. Does Widgetlocker has this function?

Any andriod tablets with working usb?

Im looking for a tablet specifically running andriod with functional usb ports. For those curious i would like to connect my car (obd2 port) to it and perhaps mount the tablet in the car

CyanogenMod kernels

Just curious if i can use the same kernel from CyanogenMod 7.2.0 in CyanogenMod 9.1