do you have to use MIUI to use .mtz files?

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[MIUI]APK Translations for MIUI GB - Please Help

I'm regulary compiling a multilanguage miui ROM. I use the APK Translation Wizard for this step. It uses dictionary files (on csv / comma seperated values basis). The translation can only be as good as the dictionary files. Therefore it's important to keep them up to date. There are only...

[Q] MIUI Extended Settings Flashables

Im looking for the flashable files for the MIUI extended settings to center the clock. I found some on the MIUI forums and the phone wouldnt boot up so I had to revert to a previous backup. Anyone have them for MIUI v1.09.020?

[ROM][IDEOS U8150] MIUIdeos [NEW! 2.5]

MIUIDeos is a ROM based on CM7 and it looks like MIUI 4. Features: -Based on CM7-RC2 (17/05)-Super fast with new RAM and software acceleration tweaks [New 2.3.1]-MIUI Evolution Clock Widget [New 2.3.1]-MIUI Lockscreen [New 2.1] -MIUI Apps: MiTalk, MiLocker, MIUI File Manager,MIUI Sounds Recorder, MIUI Compass, XM Notes and...

Porting SEMC Camera to MIUI (2.3.7)

I'm using MIUI on my Xperia Neo (MIUI version from, I believe). It's all working well but I kinda dislike the miui cam, compared to the stock Sony one. So basically, I was thinking ... can I port the Sony cam to my miui? If yes, how much trouble...

[Q] How can port miui on Vega Advet Tablet

as I can on my port MIUI vega tablet? which guide should I follow? my idea would be to copy the files of the framework and other necessary MIUI rom from the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 similar hardware features and resolution to my tablet can you give me some advice?

[Q] What about MIUI?

MIUI is "just" plain (AOSP?) Android with every single "GO"-App available. GO Launcher, GO SMS.. and so on. what does MIUI exactly have, that e.g. CM with every app changed to some GO-App doesn't have? MIUI is skinned to kinda "copy" Iphone-style..sure.. but is that really all?

[Q] [REQ] miui home launcher with app drawer

there's a miui launcher that can us .mtz files.on none miui ROMs... awsome but....... is there away to add a app drawer or is someone able to.modify the launcher and add one?

[MIUI] Themes Collection - 150+ themes

These themes are only for MIUI roms. Dont use with others. I am not sure about compatibility bcoz there are so many MIUI versions now. risk is yoursAll the credits goes to the developer of the theme. Most of the themes were downloaded from this site where their developers have...

Trying to apply themes for miui

I'm actually looking for the theme manager to apply the mtz files for miui. Cause I don't wanna go through all that trouble to rename and download the tools.

MIUI V4 Source Theme Values XML - V4 Dark Themes

In an attempt to push forward and encourage Themers from far and wide to develop MIUI Themes for V4.0 MIUI, I have provided the basic XMLS which are used in MIUI V4 Black Android. These are pretty much stripped and defaulted to two tone colours which would be very easy...