[GUIDE] How to port Stock/GB/CM7/CM9/ICS/CM10/JB Based ROMs

[GUIDE] How to port Stock/GB/CM7/CM9/ICS/CM10/JB Based ROMs

Before we start, let's read the Title of this Guide. Notice it says: based
This means, if you do not have a GB/ICS/JB already compiled for your device, then this Guide is useless for you.Android Source | Compile GB | Compile ICS | Compile JB ~ Thanks dastin1015 |- Building/Compiling - DurationsBefore you a port a ROM, make sure you asked permission from the Developer!
This Guide applies the same principle for porting the following: Sense, Lewa OS, JoyOs, MIUI, LiGux OS, etc...What you'll need:WinRAR/7zip

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