[GUIDE] Root + CWM Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 / S7500L - Easy Way

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Complete guide for galaxy ace plus[GT-S7500] [root, cwm, rom, etc]

INTRODUCTION: Q:What is difference between GT-S7500 and GT-S7500L? A: S7500 is international version of galaxy ace plus and S7500L is for latin america. Q: are they different? A: Yes they are different. So using any thing made for S7500 should not be used for S7500L. It can brick your device....

[GUIDE]Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 ROOT Without Yellow Triangle

I did this on linux but it will work on windows too WITH SOME LITTLE CHANGES 1. Download your respective S7500 firmware from http://www.samfirmware.com/ the filename will be too long so lets call it firmware.zip 2. download the flasher(odin) for s7500 from samfirmware.com 3. ClockworkMod for ace plus

[Q] Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 wont start

I rooted and installed this Atomod for s7500,http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...925372&page=41 It was awesome. It was also running good. Not a single application crashed. But when i rebooted my android, it wont start.

[Q] problem on my samsung ace plus GT-S7500

I have problem after installing CWM on my GT-S7500 there's an exclamation mark under the logo of samsung every time I boot my phone

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S7500 Soft Bricked

Upon reboot my phone displayed the GT-S7500 spalsh screen, then it loaded my VirginMobile splash screen with the noise, and then started again. Ever since this i have not been able to get the phone to boot. I tried to use my backup i had made in step 1, but...

[ROM]KK99_V6 Custom Rom Galaxy Ace PLus(GT-S7500)

333KK99_V6 Custom RomFor Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500)Created for You by MeExperience The Ultimate Cost Performance Of Your Phone As Never in SG Ace Plus' HistorySuperCharged with Great Combination of Music, Looks, Performance & Tweaks...

[project] [rom] First jelly bean custom rom for Samsung galaxy ace plus GT-S7500

This is project started to discuss about first jelly bean rom for Samsung galaxy ace plus gt-s7500..As it is confirmed that galaxy ace plus will be getting jelly bean 4.1 upgrade... This project will be started as soon as jelly bean upgrade is officially released for galaxy ace plus...


The Ultimate Rom For Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 As We know there is no CM OR MIUI OR AOSP OR AKOP ROM FOR ACE PLUS And we are tired of requesting Roms and No One Answers So From Now on No More Requesting Because iam releasing all my hard work...