[HELP] need power control widget from cm7.1

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[Q] [SOLVED] [THEMING HELP] GenieWidget.apk/Power Control Widget

I'm having some problems theming it. I want it to be like the one from BlackMod so I've extracted the one from BlackMod and put it in my theme so it should work now right? But it didn't it just showed the widget but not with the correct bagground etc....

[Q] Music Control Widget?

Is there a music control widget that works by simulating headset controls? That seems like it would work for more players, and, it would work for 2 out of three of my music players(PowerAMP, Rhapsody, and Pandora(Pandora might)).

Custom Power Control Icons

I have looked at numerous threads on themes, however I cant find anything about Custom Power Control Icons. Where can I find them?

[Q] Automate selective push notifications

I understand that the sync switch in the power control widget has effect only on google services (email, calendar, tasks, browser, play books, etc.) while it has no effect on facebook/twitter/whatsapp push notifications: for the latter I need to enable/disable inside the apps. Correct?

2G vs 3G battery usage

Currently I have settings default with "Use only 2G networks" unchecked, and "data enabled" unchecked. I have tasker made to automatically turn mobile data on whenever I open any app that may require it, and then turn it off after the app closes, or I can switch it on from...

[Q] Power widget

im trying for days to find a tutorial on how to add new power widgets on notification bar...huawei used toolbox.apk the widgets aren't on systemui.apk so i need to ask if someone can help me add new widgets or edit the old ones!!

[Q] Calendar widget that can hide itself if there's no event

I have a calendar event set up for December to remind me where I put my dad's christmas present (2 classic ladybird books if you must know), that is for 1st to 20th December. I would like a small (possibly 2x1) widget for widgetlocker to tell me in December where...