How to Hard Reset GoClever Tab R75?

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[Q] goclever tablet problem

i have a problem with my tablet. when i turn it on it stops with android screen. I wanted to do a hard factory reset. am i doing it right? I pressed buttons and a screnn with android appeared and hen nothing happens.

[Q] GoClever Terra 70W

I tried to root this tablet, but I accidentally messed something up and I think it might be bricked. Now I am stuck at the GoClever boot screen. I'm able to get into recovery mode by holding Vol Up + Vol Down + Power, but that's all I can do....

(Q) goclever tab internet

how i can use 3g modem in tab goclever I70? I can't find modem model for 3g.And i dont have mobile networks in settings

Goclever a93.2 bootloop

My sister has just gotten this tab, it's not rooted or anything bit suddenly it won't boot. Just stuck on android logo. Reset button does nothing. Anyone know how to get into recovery and wipe it so it works again?

[Q] GoClever Tab R75 root

I need to root my GoClever Tab R75, i followed to the another thread, so i marked the Unknown Sources and the debugging and after that connected the tablet to pc, on the screen was message that the debugging is turned on, but the rooting application on computer showed than...

GoClever TAB R93

Recently I bought new tablet GoClever Tab R93 with android 2.2. and I want to upgrade it to android 4.x.x. Is it possible to change this tablet

LEXIBOOK hard reset

please help me with the procedure if you know how to Hard reset this android device named LEXIBOOK Tablet? my client forgot his password.

[Q] LG-VS700 issues (dubbing, hard reset etc)

I swapped my son my Droid 4 for his LG-VS700 and I attempted to root it yesterday but failed It seems there's a lot of issues I'm having and not sure how to resolve them For example the HARD RESET for the LG-VS700 is -Press and hold the Power button+Home...

hard reset problem

My android tablet is PARA7Phone which is china tablet. Recently i installed busybox in xbin(my tab is rooted). Then i restart my tab. After restart it do hard rest. When i see internel storage it show 0.00B . Now when i restart my tab eveytime it do hard reset. Accidently...

[Q] GoClever Tab R75 - /data/app/ problem

Recently I bought some invention. It is GoClever Tab R75. Unfortunately, to the application is intended only 300MB. They can not be moved to SD or Exterlnal_SD. I have given root privileges, but unfortunately I still can not do that. TitanumBackup tried but can not too. Pops up like it...