How to root Alcatel OT 918 (Android 2.3.6)

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Vodafone Smart II - Alcatel v860 roeddie custom rom v0.2

based on stock vodafone it 1. How to make flash. First unpack "" or "" to ROOT of your MicroSD Card. "must be in root eXactly like this "f:\alcatel-onetouch\backup\" (where f:\ is your letter of the MicroSD Card) so for that just unzip, unrar the files "" or "" to...

[Request] root procedure for Alcatel 916D (FB Spark)

Can anyone please help me root Alcatel 916D (FB Spark)? A real nice low budget qwerty dual-sim phone running Android GB. I've tried all rooting tools i can find on the web like: SuperOneClick, Unlocker,Doomlord, z4root etc... but nothing seems to work. Lately, i tried flashing a new boot.img based...

[Q] Need help ROOT PROBLEM!! my Alcatel 918n is not working anymore!

i tried to root my Alcatel one touch 918n and after that it work just fine. But trying to change the fonts and other settings, after i rebooting, my phone wont work anymore. After I turn it on, it will just display the logo of android and nothing will happen.


If your ALCATEL OT-908 phone is not yet rooted, check my tutorial guide on how to ''Successfully Root Alcatel OT-908'' If you have root access on your phone the next thing you should do is install the application ''recovery manager'' on your phone.see download link below post. Once you have...

[Q] Alcatel OT-991 Root how to?

I have a alcatel ot 991 and i dont know how to root but i dont know (i search in google and here to but i dont find anything). how to root this device?

[ROM] Starting development of Alcatel OT-991

Because of no one have released anything like Mods & Roms for our Alcatel One Touch 991 yet, i started this Thread with a simple Mod I will upload some more Mods & later a Rom )Requirements 1. Rooted Alcatel OT-991 [HOW TO] 2. CWM Recovery [HOW TO] 3. A...

Any help ALCATEL OT-995

I was installing a ROM miui on my alcatel ot 995, and was connected by USB and suddenly he hung up and never called. Gives no image, sometimes when connected to PC the lights begin to flash and gives a sound on the computer as it had been "connected". The...

Alcatel 918D

i need root for Alcatel one touch 918D. anybody an idea?

Alcatel One Touch 986

I would like to tell you about a fairly new device that's being sold in China for some while. However, it's yet to be released in USA and Europe, but I would like to tell you about it, becuase I think it's 'very' unknown and it deserves far more attention....