HTC Wildfire S Display Problem

HTC Wildfire S Display Problem

I have a problem with my HTC Wildfire S. From several days the display lightens in random intervals. Do you have any ideas what can make this happen? It just shows the lock screen for a few seconds and then again goes to stand by...

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i have two phones. a wildfire with cymod and a hd2 with a rom called honeybadger. anyway my problem is that the hd2 rom comes without a german dictionary so i have to write each f*** word which i can autocomplete with my wildfire. is ist possible to copy the...

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I have a HTC Wildfire S with S-off. When I hold my power button and the volume down it appears a hboot-1.03 screen. I have read many, many threads about this phone, and tried everything google offered. I have noticed that this "s-off" is a big problem when it`s on...

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i bought new htc wildfire s few months a ago but now suddenly my cells touch screen has stopping working , tell what the hell is wrong with it a hardware problem or the software prob????

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i own rooted HTC Wildfire S. I had CM7.2 and it was great, i had no problems with it at all. I decided to install CM9, which should be better, but it won't work... The problem is: The CM9 logo shines at the start, but when i try to Touch...

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Just got a new Wildfire but its locked to Virgin mobile, how can i unlock it with out spending any money?

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I'm in big need of an .apk that would root my HTC Wildfire S. I'm not afraid to admit, I'm not super tech savvy so a one touch app would really help me.

wildfire cfw ?

now my wildfire is s-off. want to flash anothe rom but my volume button not work

BUG or My Device Problem..??

I root my HTC WILDFIRE through UNREVOKED and install Cyanogenmod7 on y device but I'm facing problem on USB CONNECTION and playing games..

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Just seen a video on you tube for rooting wildfire 2.2.1 has eney one Tryed it out or is it not worth playing with ?

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I've got a problem with my HTC Wildfire A3333. Screen is broken (touchscreen completely doesn't work). I need to recovery data from internal memory. Unfortunately, debugging mode is set off, so it's quite difficult. I've tried recovering by adb, I switched 'recovery mode' on the phone, connected it to pc,...