Jelly bean for wt19i

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[THEME] [MOD] [CM9] ICS To Jelly Bean Transformation

Features - Jelly Bean Notification Bar - Jelly Bean Animations - Jelly Bean Glow Effect Status Bar - Lockscreen Modified - Blue Loading Circle - Custom USB Connected Sign - Jelly Bean USB Debugging Sign

[Q] Jelly Bean on Galaxy S3

I have finally upgraded to the long awaited Jelly Bean 4.1.1 on my GS3. However, other than project butter (which is awesome) on face value there does not appear to be many new things I can do with my phone. I like to get the best value out of my...

[Q] Jelly Bean foreign keyboard

when I use my Galaxy S3 with ICS 4.0.4, I get a keyboard that looks like this: (attached JPG 1) But when I update to Jelly Bean and set my keyboard to Lithuanian language, I get all my Lithuanian characters at the top of the keyboard, like this: (attached JPG...

[Q] Jelly Bean emoji support

I read the Jelly Bean changelog and I found out that Google added emojin unicode 6.0 support,that means that jelly bean user can see the emoji in all the apps but do they see them as coloured or black and white ?

[Q] Root Jelly Bean 4.1.1 - RAZR M - Verizon ??

I would like to root my RAZR M (U.S.) > Verizon network > Jelly Bean 4.1.1 (updated by store). I've read a few threads discussing rooting Jelly Bean, and there's one thread in particular that provides the 'leaked' version of 4.1.1 for my phone, though I'm not entirely certain if...

[APP][MOD] Updated & Enhanced GApps for Jelly Bean - AOKP - CM10 - Helly Bean

Updated & Enhanced GApps Features: - Jelly Bean GApps 20121212 from for Android 4.2.1 (JOP40D) - Jelly Bean GApps 20121011 from for Android 4.1.2 (JZO54K) - updated Google Play Store v3.10.10 (mods: no auto-update, no restrictions, multi-dpi, zipaligned)

[Question] Jelly bean Update

i have a SG3, GT-I9300 model. Currently running on Android 4.0.4. My mom have the exactly same phone, we bought it at the same time, same place, same company. She got her Jelly bean update a few days ago, i still havnt recieved mine. When i bought the phone ive...

Which tablets have Jelly Bean?

I know that that Nexus 7 does, but which other tablets ... that are available off the shelf come with Jelly Bean? don't come with Jelly Bean, but it can be easily installed?

[APP][4.0+] Holo Launcher HD (Based on Jelly Bean launcher)

This is the HD version of Holo Launcher, based on Jelly Bean stock launcher source code, you can only run it on ICS or Jelly Bean devices.Holo Launcher HD on Play StoreLinks:Holo Launcher for Android 2.2+Holo LockerDownload Holo Launcher HD APKHolo Launcher User VoiceHolo Launcher TranslationBasic Features:Full Jelly Bean Launcher...