Lexibook playstore installation

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LEXIBOOK hard reset

please help me with the procedure if you know how to Hard reset this android device named LEXIBOOK Tablet? my client forgot his password.

[Q]Get the app's rank on the Playstore

I'd like to know what is the rank of my apps on the playstore, but unfortunately the developer console doesn't show it. Then I thought I could retrieve the rank from the website, but the rank is not the same on the website and on the playstore app from android...

[Q] Playstore Problem >.<

Sometimes when i do data factory reset, some of my apps cant be seen on my mobile's playstore .. And when i did checked it using my browser, it says the facebook apps isn't compatible ? >.< im using a custom rom now..

[Q] Google Playstore

when I go to the Google Playstore on my PC everything is in Swedish! I can't find a setting to change it back to English.

Google Play Store account issue

when I can go to Playstore it uses gmail account I don't want to, i don't have that account chosen, I don't have it in Sync either. Playstore one time takes 1 account and sometimes 2nd account, totally unpredictible...

[NEW-ICONS] round-white/mnml-series[1050+]

This is a small side project I did for someone per request and just thought I would release it on xda it extremely minimal. Now added a new black version of the mnml white and also added my new round white icons; I hope you enjoy it.mnml-blackdownload zips-themesmnml-black-iconsmnml theme on...

[Q] How to fix Virus reported in Play Store App?

I have just purchased a Star 9500 (Samsung S4 clone). Android version 4.2.2 Whilst familarising myself with this device and installing a few apps I decided to install AVG Antivirus from the playstore. I ran the program only to find one threat (malware discovered in play store app). Playstore version...

installing themes

I have and htc eco 4g. I just got it in december. I rooted it yesterday and I tried to install some themes. but, everytime I try it either says Installation aborted or in the middle of the installation it stop and reboots.