[MOD] Android 4.0 to 4.2 Transformation pack

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Adding Icon Pack to Android Market?

I'd like to release an icon pack that I've created to the Android Market. I currently have one app on the market, but am unsure of how to upload the icon pack. Basically It is a .zip file full of the icons. I don't want to make a launcher specific...

[Q] Best way to implement a license pack

I'd like your thoughts on the best way to implement a paid license pack to unlock premium features in a separate free app. I have this working, but want to know if there's a better method. My free app has some Premium Features that require the user to purchase a...

How can I survive a transformation to iPhone?

Been happy with my Android workphone for two and a half years now. But my ol' Desire is getting a bit tired and out of date. So I will get a new device soon. But new corporate policy is that we only run iPhones as workphones. So my next will...

[Q] MIUI Language Pack

I've noticed several typos from the English language pack. Just wondering, how can I edit them from the language pack zip file?

Chameleon icon pack

I've been working on an icon pack that I have dubbed Chameleon. They are highly transparent, but still very visible on any wallpaper. Currently there are about 45 icons in the pack and it is confirmed working with ADW, NOVA, and Apex pro. I've tried very hard to keep them...

[ICONS] CORE - iron man icon pack [nova/apex/adw]

i have made an icon pack with iron man arc reactors touch...called CORE - iron man icon pack it features 1. random spinning arc reactor orbs 2. 4 HD inbuilt wallpapers. 3. 1 HD wallpaper handcrafted by me.

[Wallpapers] Huge wallpaper pack! 960x800 resolution~

This is a HUGE wallpaper pack which contains 1053 960x800 high quality wallpapers special for HTC Desire HD!Update #1 - New HD pack (not 960x800! 1920x1200 - 4000x2667 AND MUCH BETTER)

[Theme] [Clocks] Lume up your Crazy Home! Fourth Pack now online!

These clock themes are made for "Crazy Home". The fourth pack, inspired by the famous PAMs, is now online. The example shown below is Lüm-Tec M24 in 6 different variations. See more pictures in the following postings and in Android Market. All clock packs come with such variations to offer...

[COLLECTION] 100000+ Fonts - Android's Biggest Font Pack

Extracted this font pack weighs about 4-10GBCompressed to 1GBFeatures: - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, ... - Arabic, ... - Normal languages: Western, Latin, ... - Any kind of language is supported

[ICON PACK] [MIUI] YouEye + NEW YouEye Clear [v.10] [850 icons!]

YouEye Version 5cc - Here you can download newest version of YouEye pack. It's totally different than what I've done so far. There are only 5 icons in the pack (dock icons), everything else is default icon with nice glass-like icon style (for big preview click on top image). -...