Mtk6575 star n8000 guide official roms and custom roms

Mtk6575 star n8000 guide official roms and custom roms

First off I started this thread to seperate the current thread for this phone that is riddled with question and answeres and it is super difficult to find what you need to find in the thread. I am writing this guide and thread to give back to the forum for the many days and hours I spent finding everything I needed to find, to root, flash and mod this phone properly. My hopes are with my knowledge on the subject you wont have to spend hours of fruitless searching like I did to find what you need. I'd like this thread to stay uncluddered with multitude of questions if you have them, message me or go to this thread here and post please

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This thread is only for Haipai I9220Star N8000 Official Thread: X710D MTK6577 Official Thread: You do it with own risk ! I don't responsible for any damage to your phone.Thread logs ( New ! ): *** On 1 September 2012 *** Rearrange the thread to make it easier...

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It's one of the cheapest android 4.0 Chinese phone with mtk6575 As there is no topic about this phone I will start one !1) The phone star one X2 mtk6575 review

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here the official post of STAR I9220 DPAD. it is a different phone with different firmware of haipai Noble i9220 e Star N8000.

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What is the radiation level of the instrument star n8000 ?

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can anyone tell me if the Star N8000 has a factory fitted screen protector? I've just ordered one because it the first three days I've managed to put a scratch in the screen. However I've just noticed that around the front camera and ear piece it looks like it has...

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I wanna put up my views on custom rom development here. As we all know stock roms normally are far stable than custom roms. "why?" I believe cause they go rigorous testing before a release. Well when we have so many people at xda(with all those skills you got) why...

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