Need Star N7000+ GPS MTK6577 smartphone root & firmware

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[Q] STOCK ROM req for C3 note 2 (mtk6577 6inch)! anyone knows about it?

Does anyone have or know about android phone named C3 note 2? It looks like clone of star N9776 (6inch LCD, 512 RAM, 4g ROM, mtk6577 1ghz dual core, 5.0 MP camera, dual-SIM, android 4.0.9) I' ve got this from And Tried to root, but It became BRICK!

ZOPO ZP500+ Plus MTK6577: after Update (root) No more WLAN / No more Bluetooth

I tried to root my new ZOPO ZP500+ Plus MTK6577 following the instructions from this russian forum: by using the SP Flash Tool. It was successful, so I got root. But now I have no WLAN and no Bluetooth. So I downloaded the original Zopo 500+ Firmware from here:

Star I9220 DPAD, firmware and rom

here the official post of STAR I9220 DPAD. it is a different phone with different firmware of haipai Noble i9220 e Star N8000.

Star N8000, firmware and rom

it is a different phone with different firmware of haipai Noble i9220 e Star I9220 dpad. For this phone you must see right topic.

STAR N9770 DUAL CORE MT6577/ulefone N9770.

ROOT I have just used this method to safely root my star n9770 and worked perfect,it just wipes your time and date after root so just reset them and that's it. you must follow instructions....

star n9800

Can some one help a root method for the star n9800? i searched for it all over the web but dint find anything relevant. Saw many other phones with the same specs but was not sure if i can use this methods to root my phone.

Galaxy Note N7000 INT. Awesome No Bloat List

I have a Int Galaxy Note N7000 with Stock ICS Rom which is GT-N7000/ICS/4.0.4/Germany/ Anyway I have been playing around for days literally freezing everything I can and have finally come up with a massive disable list for people to try. Firstly I rooted the phone and installed System...

Haipai X710D MTk6577 Flash Problem sdcard/ext

I have been using the phone for over a week and last night i decided to give it to my girlfriend. So i wiped the data a factory reset it. I have been using the custom firmware. So upon the reboot it didnt boot into android. So then i reflashed...