Pantech Sky Vega Racer IM-A770K room, recovery,update zip etc

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[Q] System UIDs inconsistent

I used Pantech IM-A770K(called as Vega Racer), and I changed my mobile phone to SHV-E210K(SGS3 LTE). Anyway, I have a general question about Android OS, "System UIDs inconsistent" means what message?

(Root,Cwmr,Hacks) Pantech Vega S5 (SKY IM-A840S)

I bought the pantech Vega Racer S2 (IM-A830L) and received it a few days ago. This was an upgrade from a Dell Streak phone that i was using for some time. This phone is amazing. The touch screen feels responsive, the screen is bright and nice, and most of all,...

[ROOT][ICS] Sky Vega Racer A770S + A760S ICS 4.0.4 (Easy)

I Got a Sky Vega Racer A760S (a great dual-core 1.5Ghz Phone by the way) and needed to root it and install recovery on it . Searched here in xda for post for that kind of phone , found some ways to root+recovery it successfully, but the problem was that...

Pantech/SKY VEGA or ima6500s android development

i have my new phone from korea running quite nicely here in the philippines, PANTECH/SKY VEGA or ima650s...just wanna ask if there are some people in here using the same phone and are there any android development for the said model?

All Pantech Vega Racer II (SKY IM-A830/A840L/S/K)/IM-a800 utilities

All powers transferred to avatartorres as new OP and thread manager.I sold my device but will happily provide with tips(not device related) on android for anyone who needs.Feel free to thank him as he will post good stuff.OK!Start reading!!Good news Jelly bean(cm10) on 840S here Miui also gets to 840s.All...

Need help with LG E739 new up date problem

earlier today i received a message saying that i had an update available, i accepted the update but the phone booted into recovery mode, now i cant restore anything, i believe it needs the update to continue but i cant seem to get it, i cant get past the recovery...

Battery stuck at 82% !

my pantech sky A770k battery stuck at 82% !

Rooting Sky Vega 4G LTE EX IM-A820L (Complete Tutorial)

i asked for help here on how to root Sky Vega 4G LTE EX IM-A820L. But sad to say no-one knew how. After searching for hours, i've successfully rooted my Sky Vega 4G LTE EX IM-A820L

Pantech Breakout Black Screen then Bootloop

I have a Pantech Breakout that I am trying to port CyanogenMod to, using the Droid Incredible 2 CyanogenMod ROM as a base. (because it has the same SoC). I have tried many different porting guides, (the ones that involve copy/paste) and the one that is inside Android Kitchen. The...