Play market error 403

Play market error 403

The problem only occurs when your on WI-FI. So if your facing this problem,get off WI-FI. Dont have mobile internet? well than your screwed and have to wait for an update. So google only needs to fix the market so we can download with WI-FI again.

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i'm from iran and google doesn't let us use the play store so i'm using proxy server (https) i installed market accesses , market unlocker and market enabler but in download time show the messsage 403

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I have recently installed jaggyrom for rooted htc explorer. When programs do not work, I try to report the error and google play store suddenly crashes. I eventually have to force close google play store.

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When I download an app, for instance "asphalt 7", in the google play store, I keep getting error 498.

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Play Store Error 403

I'm trying to download paid apps and getting today allways an error with 403. Any idea? Maybe Google server issues?

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I did a few more variants, here there are with the link to the market or should I say "play" now? I'll upload them somewhere else if you can't access the market, I mean Play. Just click on the images.

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Had a go today at changing my Build.prop to try and access Xperia Play exclusive content. Tried it a few times with clearing Market cache and Google Services Framework, followed by reboot. This removed my HTC Incredibe S from my market account but sadly did not add Xperia Play. Anyway...