Port HTC desire S Rom to HTC Explorer

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[Q] SSH-Tunnel to port 445

is it possible to made a SSH-Tunnel to the local/remote port 445? When i try to made a connection via ConnectionBot it says i can't use a port under 1064 but i want to use the ES File Explorer to mount my fileserver.

HTC Explorer Update firmware to 2.3.5 to 4.0.4

HTC Explorer, the low budget phone from HTC get some love from Developer community. Unofficial Build of CyanogenMod 9 is available for HTC Explorer. CyanogenMod 9 is based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and it brings all ICS and other CM goodness to HTC Explorer. Right now ROM is...

My 1st Bootanimation: Booter

I made it with Cinema4D. I use it on my NS (i9023), so i don't know wich phone this works with. This zip is NOT flashable in CWM recovery. You will have to copy it with a file explorer like ES file explorer or Root Explorer.

es file explorer problem

i signed my google drive account in the explorer, and i have folder with few photos that have the same name..the explorer doesnt show all the photos..

[Q] UOT Kitchen for HTC Explorer

I have tried the UOT Kitchen for my HTC Explorer using JaggyRom but it was not working. Also I tried with the Stock ROM but it got applied partially. Is it not apllicable to HTC Explorer? If it is, I want to know what mistake I am making in the...

My 2. Bootanimation: Icy

I made it with Cinema4D. I use it on my NS (i9023), so i don't know wich phone this works with. I only named it "Icy" because i used Ice Textures for this and i had no idea how to call it. This zip is NOT flashable in CWM recovery....

Port Mods To Rom

I want to port mod to my Tipo stock rom, i port Pure Performance X and Pure Audio.. When i flash it via CWM, i got status (0) installation aborted. can someone help me how to successfully port rom..?

[Q] HTC Desire: parted error trying to repartition /system or /data

I have HTC Desire, rooted, ClockworkMod recovery What I'm trying to do is repartition my /system and /data. I'm following some guide (I cannot port the link because forum considers me a spammer). As I know /system is /dev/block/mtdblock3

Changing Google Talk's port

I was wondering if anyone has thought of a way to change the port that the Google talk app uses in Android. From what I can research online, it uses port 5228 and I'd like to see it use port 443. The reason I ask is because I am using...

[APP][2.2+] Advanced Explorer 1.0- The Best File Explorer For Android

Advanced Explorer 1.0! - The simplest file explorer for android. Quick access to all your files without folders. Full functions with new and fresh design.Free Version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...er.python.liteFull Version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...rer.python.pro Advanced Explorer gives you quick access to all your files: