Prestigio Multipad 8.0 HD (PMP5588C)

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[Q] Prestigio Multipad PMP5197D ULTRA problem

I recieved Prestigio Multipad PMP5197D ULTRA as a gift from a friend wth CyanogenMod and the touch is not working. Can someone tell me how to restore it to the factory firmware (i think that CyanogenMod is making problems)

[Q] Prestigio Multipad 5880 - Rooting

Comes with ICS but you can upgrade it to Jellybean, I want to root is so I can install CWM and a couple of other bits. Can someone point me in the correct direction please, iv rooted my One X in the past but it looks like this isnt so...

Jelly Bean 4.1 installation

I bought tablet named prestigio multipad 8.0 pro duo and on the box they are saying, that it's upgradable to 4.1 Jelly bean, but i don't know how to upgrade to it.I searched on the net, on tablet there is nothing related with this upgrade.

[Q] [CWM] Need help installing CWM on Prestigio Multipad 4

I've successfully rooted the stock 4.2.2 (kernel: 3.4.5) using a Chinese rooting method, then installed SuperSU I want to install CWM on it but i can not get into flashmode I have tried clicking the reboot to flashmode button in RKAndroidTool.exe with a reply Device can not do Flash Mode,...

[Q] Prestigio 5770D rooting

I've been looking around the forum (and elsewhere online) for anyone who was able somehow to root the Prestigio PMP5770D Duo tablet. It has stock ICS 4.0.4. I'm a complete newbie in regards to tablets but I've been playing around with the X10 for a long time. I'm thinking of...

PRESTIGIO series thread. Hacks, Roms and Software

I have seen many places in the web of people trying to Root PRESTIGIO tablets, ending up to a bricked tablet. To save you a lot of stress and time, I opened this thread....Please report your research on this threat.

CWM for Prestigio Tab

I have just bought Prestigio 5197D Ultra tablet for my little bro! It has a stupid version of cwm(3rd) installed.. i can't do anything with it... only install official roms... i had tried to make a new cwm with official cwm builder but after pushing it into tablet.. nothing happend..

[Q] Prestigio pmp3710b

There is no threads about this pad and several about tcc8923, so I want to build CWM recovery for it, and maybe JellyBean, cause Prestigio will not support this pad in future. It's running ICS 4.0.3 on Telechips TCC8923 with Mali-400 GPU. I have a kernel source with tcc8923 support...

[Q] Prestigio MultiPhone 3400 DUO - STOCK ROM

recently i have on my phone (Prestigio MultiPhone 3400 DUO) accidentaly deleted "Settings.apk" and "Settings.odex". Can someone please send me a copy of those two files or it would be even better when anybody could send a whole system dump