[Q] 5 Row Keyboard

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Keyboard to rival iOS?

The keyboard Typing on iOS is easy and great, even on a small screen. Why don't we have a keyboard with that fluid usability? I've tried Swype (prefer typing), Swiftkey X, the TW4 Keyboard, stock GB keyboard, and Thumb keyboard and they all seem to disappoint a little in the...

[Q] Software Development: Toggle Keyboard

I have a little icon of a keyboard that I would like for users to click on -- whenever they click on the keyboard image the keyboard would HIDE/SHOW. I know how to hide/shot the keyboard, but I don't know how to check if the keyboard is already showing.

[APP][2.1+] Kii Keyboard 1.0 - An all new alternative android keyboard!

Kii Keyboard is an all new alternative android keyboard!●Main features: ★Smart and accurate predictions ★User defined text shortcuts ★Extra number row on top ★Extra arrow row on top ★Swiftkey like next word prediction ★Gesture keyboard control ★Swype like gesture input ★Thumb Keyboard like split keyboard layouts ★Support iOS6 emoji input...

[Q] help with keyboard

can someone recommend me a keyboard similar to the google keyboard but that when you hold the m button it changes to the ? i really like how simple and big the letters are. i found smart keyboard but when you hold the n it dont change it to the...

HTC Keyboard for non-HTC phones eg Nexus

I was playing with a HTC phone yesterday and I fell in love with the keyboard. Last time I had a HTC keyboard was with my HTC Droid Eris. I now have a Nexus S and I've been looking for a way to use the HTC keybaord on my ROM....

[Q] Unknown keyboard layout

I got a keyboard with a unknow layout. Andriod can work with it but only the basic things. What i want to know is what kind of a lay out this is and if somebody has a (keyboard) .KL file for it. Its a keyboard/hardcase in one.

Best keyboard that supports Japanese text?

recently the keyboard I used to use, GO Keyboard, added notification adds for porn apps in their latest update. It was a great keyboard; fast, accurate, and had a one-touch switch to go to Japanese text entry. I am so indignant about their bait-and-switch BS though that I refuse to...

Disable soft keyboard hiding with USB keyboard available?

I'm using an MK802 mini PC. I don't have a USB keyboard yet. When I plug in a wired USB mouse, I can use that to click on the on screen soft keyboard. But when I plug in the wireless dongle for a USB mouse, the Android soft keyboard doesn't...

Better Keyboard - skin developement

I'm getting started on skinning for Better Keyboard - skins also work with Smart Keyboard, Ultra Keyboard and probably others. There's an ass-ton of blurry skins on the Market so I'm aiming at just producing high quality, graphically crisp skins.