[Q] Add Language support

[Q] Add Language support

Is there any way to add a language to the android system. I've got a Motorola atrix with the darkside rom installed and I'm loving it but there is no dutch language support in the rom. Is there any way I can add it myself (via the original ROM maybe) ?

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HOW TO install the language of your choice in android phones

The problem I face is that no matter if I choose the G3 or some other mtk6577 phone, there is no mtk6577 that natively supports Greek language. So, I wonder if there is way to install the language of your choice (for me Greek) into a phone that originally didn't...

[Q] Hungarian language in 2.2

is it any way (if yes, how) to put the hungarian language support from android 2.3 into android 2.2? I have a china tab (VIA 8650) with android 2.2, kernel 2.6.32, build V1.5.3. How can I make to run hungarian language on it? Cut Hu-hu from gingerbread and paste into...

ics language support

is there a list of languages that ics support out of the box? Does it support hebrew like on the iphone - can i select it from a list?

[Q] Arabic support for HTC Desire HD on Android Revolution HD 6.1.2

regarding the Arabic support as mike1986 mentioned on the latest update of the ROMFull Arabic and Hebrew languages support! (see the second post) and on the second post i found this "Arabic language support (version 0.5) for Android Revolution HD 5.2.x (Thanks to Madmack, Brightidea & D69K)" which is supported...

Language Support for Android phones

what languages does Android support, i.e. which one are installed (both UI and dictionaries). I pretend to buy the Huawei Ideos X3 in Germany and would like to know if I can change to portuguese.

Ice Cream Sandwich Language support

How many languages will the ICS support out of the box? typing, and reading that is. I was going to go the iphone route because of the ease of using multi-languages without fiddling around much, but I am waiting for the Nexus prime to see what's on offer.

Adding hebrew language to hero 9300+

i'm very interested of buying the hero 9300+ model with the 512 mb ram. can i add an hebrew language (full system support) on it? the 4.1.1 JB comes without hebrew when you buy it...

[Q] Arabic Support for Android 2.3.3

I thought android 2.3.3 has Arabic language support. When I go to websites that display Arabic text. The text is displayed backward and the letters are separated. Why is that? Is there a fix for this problem? Or is the Android platform has not matured enough? Can someone tell me...

Help about u8180 language please

now i downloaded cm7 & then smartlucky & when return to my backup original rom i lost my arabic language & get separated arabic letters like ع ر ب ى ا ن د ر و ي د i need to get back to my arabic language

[Guide] Text-To-Speech (TTS) in (almost) any language

In this guide I'll teach how to install almost any TTS language (non-robotic) so your device can read things in your native language without problems. 1) Plug your device on computer and create a folder named VocalizerEx 2) Download and install on your device the attached APK 3) Visit this...