[Q] Cynogenmod for Lenovo s560

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(watch video youtube)My lenovo ideapad a1-touch 16gb is not recognized

I had my Lenovo ideapad above a1 brick and with the help of this post === I === http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=150 get my Lenovo, but the problem now is that my Lenovo ideapad a1 did not recognize the touch at all, I tried with the firmware "A107W0_A234_001_015_2643_ROW.zip" and nothing works not touch...

Unable to flash via fastboot protocol on lenovo ideapad a107

I had successfully compiled the custom rom for lenovo ideapad a107 but after successful compilation when I am executing fastboot -w flashall I am getting message waited for hours bur nothing happens. I have added permission in 51-android.rules file for lenovo ideapad a107. when I execute the...

【Tutorial】Lenovo S880 - ♡All you ever need to know♡

This is Nic (despite my "wongyikhoong" username) from Malaysia. I have recently bought 2 units of Lenovo S880 from Beijing, China and I am instantly in love with this device. I see a lot of people facing problems with this phone. So I am here trying to help out as...

[ROM] Lenovo A789,P700i,A660 custom ROM (ICS)

I made a clean ROM based on the factory ROM for the Lenovo A789. It is the distro as it came from Lenovo, and *way* to big (532MB, because it contains a Chinese GPS/NAVI application plus map, which you probably do not want) Password is (as allways with unmodified original...

[DEV] A1 Lenovo IdeaPad ICS Port

Currently I'm trying to port Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4) to A1 IdeaPad by Lenovo.Currently working: * Touchscreen Input * SGX530 Hardware Graphic Acceleration * Orientation * 3D Acceleration * Brightness (using lights.omap3.so from Lenovo)Not working: * Audio

[Q] Lenovo P700i Smartphone

I have a Lenovo P700i Dual sim smartphone, it is on the Orange network. Everything on the phone works fine apart from picture messaging. I have tried to reset the settings and so has my local EE shop but no joy I am told the settings aren't correct, Orange won't...

Lenovo A750 rom

recently buy a new Lenovo A750 with MT6575 chipset but it comes with a rom without multilinguage and Andoid market don't work on him.

[Q] LENOVO IdeaPad A2107A - i have a lot of questions !?

i want to buy the original case shown on lenovo us website but can´t find it on web. where can i buy it ? another question is, i read about a build in fm-radio at the tablet, but i can´t find the way to switch it on.

Intel Atom Smartphone Lenovo K800 opinions

Lenovo just released its Intel Atom Android smartphone called the Lenovo K800. It is the second smartphone powered by Intel to hit the market. It has a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPU, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, and 4.5 inch HD screen.