[Q] Disable album art on lock screen

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[Q] [ZT-180-2] Disable auto-lock on boot

I'm looking for a solution that disable the automatic screen lock present on boot for the device ZT-180-2 (the Epad version with Android 2.2).

Xperia Z1 NEW ALBUM 5.3.A.0.22 with playmemories

he new album 5.3.A.0.22 from sony xperia Z1 with play memories for all device. I found the album quiet good compared to my default album. Instruction : Just instal normallyDownload

[Q] little app or widget/button to just LOCK the screen? (not turn off)

There seems to be plenty of adequate little homescreen button apps to lock the screen. but they turn it off at the same time. I want the option for both. I already have one that turns the screen off, now I want a different one that just brings up the...

Picasa Album!!

I don't like my photos uploading to picasa but forgot to disable sync when I setup my phone. Now I got a bunch of my photos online. Which I dislike. How the heck do I delete them from the online web album?

[Q] Customizing lock screen.

Is it possible to customize the lock screen? I just want to add a widget or two to what i have now. I have an app that tells me how much time is left till my class ends so if i can add that to my lock screen it would...

Which Apps Should I Lock?

I don't have a screen lock as I hate typing a PIN, etc everytime just to get to my Home Screen. Plus that way (using Widget Locker) I can actually use the home button to get to the home screen from the lockscreen AND double tap the home button from...

[Q] Speaker / lock screen issue

I'm having a very interesting problem with my android tablet. The sound is not working while the screen is on. Just to clarify - If i start a song playing, it won't produce sound until i hit the lock screen button, once the screen goes black, the sound comes through...

[Q] cm7 lock screen with weather widget?

is there any mods / way where you can enable weather widget on cm7 lock screen? And wanted to know how to set live wallpaper on lock screen...

[Q] window lock

I've just bought a transformer with Android 3.1 on, i will upgrade to 3.2 or wait for ICS. But altthough I havent sussed it yet I'm sure there will be a way to lock the screen with a code etc. as anyone who uses it has access to everything ......