[Q] dopo md702 7inch tablet

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Maxtab 7 questions

I have this tablet uk.maxell.eu/en/products/maxtab-tablet-7inch-maxtab-7inch-tablet-pc-12.aspx It has only android 2.3.1 and I cannot make it to boot to recovery mode or anything to make it install ICS.

[Q] Stock Firmware for Android Tablet

Dopo TD-1010 http://doublepowertech.com/bopo_tablet_td1010.html I really need to find a stock firmware img for this tablet. I accidentally removed something from the system that i shouldnt have

DreamBook 7inch Android tablet

does anyone know if this any good....It say it can be upgraded 2.1 but not 2.2...tis only $119 on catch of the day

[Q] Bricked my generic tablet, how do I fix it?

I have a Double Power EM63 tablet from Walmart. I believe it is identical to the Ematic EM63 and the MID-AM789 (Google "AM789" for specs since I apparently can't post links yet). I rooted it using Shaume (It's not in english, I just clicked the button that said "root"). I...

After a good affordable 10 inch tablet?

Im after a good 10 inch tablet a la the NookColor, which I was about to order but it's only 7inch which is the only thing holding me back right now.

hellp needed for chinese ipad 128gb

i have received a Chinese ipad android tablet stuck at start up screen.. i have download a rom with name of (7inch VIA8650 M009S_06.11) and extract on sdcard and when i put the sdcard into tablet tablet shows me blue screen nothing else.. no installing screen no start up screen....

[Q] Did anyone else buy this tablet?

If anyone Owns the dopo td-1010 and still has all stock system apps there is a very easy way that you could really help me out! I have lost a lot of my stock system apps (so many that i couldnt even tell you all i am missing) and i...

[Q] Lucky Patcher issue on android tablet.

I have a dopo td-1010 android tablet. I rooted it using ICS Root Unlocker 1.0 and used lucky patcher to remove the liscence verification from a few games that I installed. Everything was working just fine and all of my games ran perfectly until I acidentially hit the button in...

[Q] d7015

i have a dopo (double power) d7015, the about tablet says the model is d7018. i've messed it up and didn't make a backup... does anyone have ANY info on these tablets? like if it is a rebranded other model? or any roms i can flash to it? i've tried...

How to save the ROM on a tablet MPMAN ?

I developed an app for tablet MP1000 that I have to deploy on 15 tablet. I want to save the rom a blank tablet and make a tablet rom install. I read a lot of tutorial that talks about recovery, fastboot ... but I do not go out.