[Q] Eken Firmware W70 on T01A

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Eken A90 MAYBE? At my wits end.

I bought this Tablet PC off facebook and it needs a firmware flash as it's stuck in a ROM-Loop. I've been looking at other sites with tablet pc's and it looks identical to the Eken A90, although I've gone to the website and downloaded all 3 firmware from here: futeko....

(Q)Help with eken T02a

my brother has an eken T02a tablet and recently i installed root explorer on it and my brother was playing with it and deleted /system and now it is not booting crying: there is a bootsplash screen but no boot loader and i dont know how to access recovery on...

Almost All Huawei Stock Roms (Firmware)

C8150C8150-1 V100R001C126B837(Indonesia AHA) Page link - C8150 Firmware or hereC8500C8500 V100R001C92B282 Page link - C8500 Firmware or hereC8500SC8500S V100R001C92B633SP01 C8500S V100R001C92B656 (China Telecom) Page link - C8500S Firmware or hereC8511C8511 V100R001C96B638 Page link - C8511 Firmware or hereC8550C8550 V100R001C92B675(05010TUL) Page link - C8550 Firmware or hereC8600C8600 V100R001C92B225SP15 C8600 V100R001C92B280

[Q] Galaxy S downgrading need urgent help

i want install original firmware through wich i can receive updates from Kies. i am using 2.3.5 I9000XXJVT firmware.plz suggest me which firmware be best for me i am from Pakistan.... also kindly tell me each and every step how to downgrade because i never did it...

[ROM] Cube U30GT-H Android 4.1 JB rooted firmware

I have built a custom firmware for the Cube U30GT-H model (H only) which provides full root and default language to English rather than Chinese. This firmware is based on the stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware 1.05H from Cube.

[Q] android firmware update

i have a cheap tablet wondermedia smart pad v10 on firmware ver 4.0.3 i would like to update the firmware to 4.1.1 or any higher than the original

Unusally cheap 7" tablets

I recently ordered a 10 " Zenithink tablet and for a bit of fun was looking at the other tablets available. One that attracted my attention was the 7" Eken tablet that normally sells for a little over $100. I had in mind perhaps buying one of these to keep...

Is flashing FT5406 touch controller firmware possible?

Today I had a problem with my tablet Onda Vi40 Elite v3 9.7" 1024x768. I wanted to update it to the last official firmware (http://file2.mydrivers.com/ondata/do...V1_v1.4rc3.rar), and accidently I flashed a firmware I was analyzing from KNC-902 that has almost the same specs (http://pan.baidu.com/netdisk/singlep...4378_480365957) using LiveSuite 1.07. The firmware flashed ok,...

How to upgrade firmware imported galaxy?

I have tried updating via kies and my tab connects and shows GT-P1000 but is blank where it should state current firmware and i have no option to update firmware. i tried updating both kies and the usb driver. But still nothing.

Decompiling baseband firmware?

One thing that bothers me about my Android phone is the opaque, closed-source baseband firmware ("radio" as it's often called here). Since the baseband is interposed between the OS and most hardware functions, its firmware presents a major unknown in the total security of the device. It's unlikely that the...