[Q] Feiteng I93000 / GT-N9300 MTK6577

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Want to Restore Full Rom I9320 MTK6575

I could use the full rom to load on clone s3 I9320 with MTK6575 (N9300) .... the components disassembled looks identical to the model we are talking about here on the forum N9300 + MTK6577 ... but obviously this fits different processor that is MTK6575 fact I did a test...

Rooting mt6577 GT-N9300+ Galaxy S3 clone

I have succesfully rooted my mt6577 GT-N9300+ Galaxy S3 smartphone clone by following the steps (at your own risk):connect phone to pc by USB cable install correct driver until it is shown in Device manager as a "Android Phone" - "Android Composite ADB interface". The driver can be easily found...

[Q] ROM for MTK6577 (HTC EVO4)

I just want to know if anybody knows what is the ROM I can install to my new phone MTK6577 HTC EVO4 (China DX). The info about the current version is:BB Chip: MT6577 MD Board: andorid_4x_ics2 SW Ver: HTC.EVO4.4G.LTE.Dual-core.1.5G.1GRAM Modem Ver: MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V8 2012/08/22 20:06 Uboot Ver: 2010.06 Android Ver: 4.1.1

[Q] China MTK6577 Phone AT&T settings

I picked up a China Clone S3 running the dual core MTK6577. It works quite well and I am satisfied with the build, but I can't get it to lock on to my AT&T 3G signal. It grabs the 2G Edge signal just fine but not the 3G. Anyone have...

[Q] STOCK ROM req for C3 note 2 (mtk6577 6inch)! anyone knows about it?

Does anyone have or know about android phone named C3 note 2? It looks like clone of star N9776 (6inch LCD, 512 RAM, 4g ROM, mtk6577 1ghz dual core, 5.0 MP camera, dual-SIM, android 4.0.9) I' ve got this from aliexpress.com And Tried to root, but It became BRICK!