[Q] Final year project on android

[Q] Final year project on android

I am a computer science engineering studentFor my final year I am doing an android app where you write java code it sends the code to cloud gets executed and output is returned back.Can anyone give an overview on how to implement this?

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Under the android tab in the new project wizard there is no option for android project. There are various other android options like Android Activity, Android Application Project, Android Icon Set, etc. Does anybody know how I can enable the option for Android Project?

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howto : framework.jar 1) line 72~ : change animation speed. Code: // Tune-able parameters private static final int CHEVRON_INCREMENTAL_DELAY = 800; private static final int CHEVRON_ANIMATION_DURATION = 4000; private static final int RETURN_TO_HOME_DELAY = 1200; private static final int RETURN_TO_HOME_DURATION = 300;

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Build A2107_S406_121213 pemergency Final https://hotfile.com/dl/184306767/455...rkmod.rar.html 1. Full oryginal multilanguage. 2. Download all from google store (no problem with incompatibily). 3. Battery status in settings. 4. Percentage battery notification.

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