[Q] How to edit or open. TOT files?

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how I can just edit the color XML files?

have been trying to teach myself how to theme a rom and can edit PNG files all night long but seem to be spending all my time with simple color changes so any body know how I can just edit the color XML files so it changes all the default...

How to open recovery.img file

i want to edit some files in a recovery.img file but i cant open the .img file. Can anybody tell me how to open .img files?

Tablet apps question for transformer

Recommendations for apps for video chats similar to skype? I know the current skype version for droid does not yet do video. Although from rumours it is coming soon for skype on droid. Recommend a multimedia player similar to vlc? I got heaps of music (MP3), videos (avi, mkv, mp4)...

[SENSE 4 SKIN] Virtuous Immersion Skin || one apk

Ever since HTC released the first version of their 'new' Sense experience (3.0 and upwards) themers faced a huge problem. The majority of graphic assets used by Sense was hidden in the custom 'm10' files. Back in these days Flemmard and Diamondback managed to crack these files open, giving the...

Miui v4 theme edit (icon file)

How can I edit the icon file in miui v4? It's a separate file in /system/media/theme. With miui versions based on android 2.*.* it was possible to use winrar or 7zip but now I can open the file and extract but cannot replace files within the file.

[Q] App to "send" Media to the PS3 -> control via device

im searching for an app thats "beams" my media files to the PS3. I tried Twonky Server, Imediashare and some others and they all work, so i can see all the files from my device on the PS3. But the Problem is, i have to take the PS3 Controller to...

[Q] How to open .data files?

i`m trying to edit this .data file. its actually a save game file. i have already tried several text and hex editors but all of them are showing me symbols (which are not meant to be read by human) instead of characters!

[NinjaMorph] HTC Sense Weather Icons

These are combination clouds that change with the weather. They were a bit tricky to modified them but they look very nice on the device. 1. Open NinjaMorph 2. (Start Checks) Click on New Project 3. Scroll down to system (Tap to open) 4. Open framework (Tap to open) 5....