[Q] HTC Huashan (Tianxi or T9188) need ANDROID firmware

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[ROM] Cube U30GT-H Android 4.1 JB rooted firmware

I have built a custom firmware for the Cube U30GT-H model (H only) which provides full root and default language to English rather than Chinese. This firmware is based on the stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware 1.05H from Cube.

Almost All Huawei Stock Roms (Firmware)

C8150C8150-1 V100R001C126B837(Indonesia AHA) Page link - C8150 Firmware or hereC8500C8500 V100R001C92B282 Page link - C8500 Firmware or hereC8500SC8500S V100R001C92B633SP01 C8500S V100R001C92B656 (China Telecom) Page link - C8500S Firmware or hereC8511C8511 V100R001C96B638 Page link - C8511 Firmware or hereC8550C8550 V100R001C92B675(05010TUL) Page link - C8550 Firmware or hereC8600C8600 V100R001C92B225SP15 C8600 V100R001C92B280

Decompiling baseband firmware?

One thing that bothers me about my Android phone is the opaque, closed-source baseband firmware ("radio" as it's often called here). Since the baseband is interposed between the OS and most hardware functions, its firmware presents a major unknown in the total security of the device. It's unlikely that the...

[Q] android firmware update

i have a cheap tablet wondermedia smart pad v10 on firmware ver 4.0.3 i would like to update the firmware to 4.1.1 or any higher than the original

[Q] Galaxy S downgrading need urgent help

i want install original firmware through wich i can receive updates from Kies. i am using 2.3.5 I9000XXJVT firmware.plz suggest me which firmware be best for me i am from Pakistan.... also kindly tell me each and every step how to downgrade because i never did it...

Need Help about Wits A81-E C Screen

I have problem with firmware. WitsTech puplished an android 2.2 firmware for A81 oldversions. There is two version:a81_a(android2.2) and a81_c(android2.2) Mine is C but with that firmware you don't have sound and GPS, and A version has very quiet sound ( without 3.5 mm jack support ) and no gps.

{Firmware}Official Jelly Bean for Allwinner A10 Tablets

This is Official firmware Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware for Yarvik TAB364 GoTab Gravity 8". I tried on Micromax Funbook 7' Tablet. Tablet is booting and I was able to get to the desktop. But there is some problem with touch drivers as It is working but not correctly. Other...

[Q] Android tablet system time fail

sanei n90: the clock has lagged (for example thismorning i checked and it said 6.09 and it was actually 6.21) i do every thing i set the time again but it lagged after few hours. i upgrade the firmware downgrade the firmware., reinstall the firmware nothing fix it it lagged...

Is flashing FT5406 touch controller firmware possible?

Today I had a problem with my tablet Onda Vi40 Elite v3 9.7" 1024x768. I wanted to update it to the last official firmware (http://file2.mydrivers.com/ondata/do...V1_v1.4rc3.rar), and accidently I flashed a firmware I was analyzing from KNC-902 that has almost the same specs (http://pan.baidu.com/netdisk/singlep...4378_480365957) using LiveSuite 1.07. The firmware flashed ok,...

How to upgrade firmware imported galaxy?

I have tried updating via kies and my tab connects and shows GT-P1000 but is blank where it should state current firmware and i have no option to update firmware. i tried updating both kies and the usb driver. But still nothing.