[Q] Root MTK6577 Clone Samsung Galaxy S9300 (e1901_v77_jbl1)

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rom clone Galaxy S3

need rom clone galaxy s3 Model: S3 MTK6577 dual core 1.0

[Q] STOCK ROM req for C3 note 2 (mtk6577 6inch)! anyone knows about it?

Does anyone have or know about android phone named C3 note 2? It looks like clone of star N9776 (6inch LCD, 512 RAM, 4g ROM, mtk6577 1ghz dual core, 5.0 MP camera, dual-SIM, android 4.0.9) I' ve got this from aliexpress.com And Tried to root, but It became BRICK!

[Q] How to root China Galaxy Note Clone aka Rokea R9220i ??

I have Chinese Samsung Galaxy Note Clone Rokea R9220i which is actually a SpreadTrum phone with android 2.3.5 on board (SP6820 MocorDroid 2.3.5).. I have tried a range of methods like z4root, superoneclick, UnlockRoot..but none of them worked at all..Nothing happens beyond ''acquiring root shell''

[Q] China MTK6577 Phone AT&T settings

I picked up a China Clone S3 running the dual core MTK6577. It works quite well and I am satisfied with the build, but I can't get it to lock on to my AT&T 3G signal. It grabs the 2G Edge signal just fine but not the 3G. Anyone have...

How to root samsung note 3 chinese clone with MT6572 ?

I am trying to root my note 3 clone. Tried many things like mt6589_rooter etc etc etc but I am not able to root it.. I am using linux (debian). I can show the result of running the shell script in mt6589_rooter zip file.

help me to root Chinese clone of Samsung note

i am having a Chinese clone of Samsung note. help me to root and install custom rom please i am searching net for past 2 weeks but i am unable to root or install custom rom

[Q] Bought Hdc One X+ (Htc Clone) | Couple of questions

i bought a 2 week ago an Htc clone device (can't afford real one) http://android-sale.com/hdc-one-x-pl...oid-phone.html and in the store where I bought it they say it have MTK6577 and battery 2100Mah (Non-removeable) when i open it there was a sticker on the battery that said 1700Mah how can i make...