[Q] Rooting the Fusion 2

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[ROM] [LG SPECTRUM] Icy Fusion R1.3

I present you icy fusion! this rom is meant for smoothness, speed, stability and battery life, and also some customization.

[Q] help bricked a13 tablet / A1Cs Fusion

I have an A1CS Fusion 5 tablet which I've managed to install CWM v6.0.3.1 but in the process of trying to install CM 10 or 9 I cannot get the tablet to boot into android, it always boots straight into the CWM recovery. This is common tablet which is identical...

The Great Fusion - Graphich Adventure Game for iOS and Android Coming soon.

The Great Fusion is a third person graphic adventure inspired by our childhood’s old classic point and click games. It has been touch optimised for mobile devices. We have personally spent really great times playing old classic graphic adventure games such as Monkey Island or Day Of The Tentacle. Those...

AT&T fusion android 2.3.4 root

can anyone help me root my android 2.3.4? I have a att fusion that I'm trying to root and I don't know if there is a way to.

How to root at&t fusion? Huawei hb5k1h

I can't find a forum on this phone. Seen a video on YouTube and the Guy said he found the how to on xda. Sent from my PC36100

[Q] Rooting T-01D/ F-05D

It was heard that rooting T-01D are similar as F-05D. I found a website regarding rooting F-05D, but I dont read Japanese, just want to know if anyone have tried the enclosed method to root T-01D?

Rooting manually

I want to know how many rooting options are out there and also what do they do. Does rooting relate to hardware or an android installed on it. by pressing volume and power key I went to page which has a test option. Like Wi-Fi and charging and sound. How...

Huawei 8562 fast boot/clockwork mod.

I haven't visited XDA since my WinMo days since I use an Apple phone now but someone gave me this Huawei Fusion and I'm trying to get a custom ROM installed but cannot get ClockworkMod to install. The device has been rooted and I followed a thread over on Android...