[Q] Skyworth (smartfren) S7 TabletPC Development

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[Q] compile/decompile framework-res.apk (Skyworth S7)

I can't decompile framework-res.apk of my ICS device, Skyworth S7 Tablet.. I'm trying to modify my framework-res.apk, but I always get errors when decompiling it back.. I'm trying to recompile it without change and I still got the same errors.. this is the error log that I've got [*] C:\AutoAPKTool2.0.4\_INPUT_APK\framework-re...

[Q] CM/Any Mod for Poor TabletPC

i have poor tablet pc, i mean it is powerless. And I'm looking for mod for this tablet. Why ? Because i have galaxy s mini (S5570) and it was like a donkey, slow. And i found cm mods, then i installed CM9 mod to 5570 now okay its not...

Oppo 5 development

I really need to know there will be development for it. Is rom development from the CM team or any other big names even plausible considering the device is Chinese?

APK Multi-Tools in need of a new development PC

A few months ago my development PC gotten fried and I have been using my mother n law pic but her PC finally died after 8 years so now I have no PC to use anymore unless my wife brings home her business PC to do her liveops thing and...

Karbonn A9+ Development thread

It's Droidiser again. Saw there wasn't any development thread for the Karbonn A9+, so the users couldn't get together and work for some development on this device. A quick overview of the device first:

[MIUI-GO-NOVA-APEX][ICON THREAD-2] MeeGo Icons Development + Template [1380 icons]

All development of meego icons was originally started by PhysX. He has done most of the icons available here.Please appreciate his work by thanking him in the above thread.This thread remains the icons development thread If you would like to contribute icons then you can use this template

[Q] development/java

i am thinking about doing some java development but first i need to learn the basis on how it works and really just build my foundation just learning the basics and building up from there can someone get me to the right direction wether it be a book and basic...

[Q] What IDE and software are you guys using for dev work?

I have been doing some app development for a few months now, and I use Eclipse. I was curious what Development software other people use. I have heard of some people using Lua to make games, which cuts down on some of the programming too.

Interested in Android Development

I'm interested in Android Development but have very minimal knowledge. I've rooted and flashed custom roms to different phones and somewhat familiar with ADB but that's about it. Where can I start?

LG myTouch [e739] Development

Alright guys, this is a thread to talk about Development or just General stuff about the LG myTouch a.k.a e739. This is assuming you already have root.