[ROM]Gizmolord v1.2 for Pantech Burst

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[Pantech Burst] p9070 "Can someone help with porting"

This thread is for the development of Cyanogenmod for Pantech Burst. Any help is greatly appreciated. Below is somewhere to start from but will be adding more as we progress.

[Q] Pantech Burst Love

I have been trying to figure out how to get into the fastboot mode on this pantech burst, really want to root it and maybe remove some of the stuff locked by AT&T. Anyone else find this phone very usable, like me. I think its a great phone and I...

How to solve bugs in Pantech Burst running on Stock ICS

after getting my Pantech Burst, I found it very difficult to root the phone, disable 4g, and to avoid bugs in my phone after updating to ICS. Most of these things are explained in the forums but in a vague manner without any illustration.I am starting this topic to give...

[Q] root pantech burst on linux mint, presstoroot.img help

im trying to root my pantech burst on linux mint, im not a novic but ive never done this on linux, so far ive installed adb and got it to read my phone,, the problem is i have downloaded the presstoroot.img but im not sure where to place it in...

Pantech Burst Essentials

I did not develop any of the following root, CWM, or Stock ROMs. I just wrote up the instructions and am using this thread to organize current and hopefully future development to make it easier to locate needed files and instructions to use the files.

[Q] Rooting My Pantech Burst Problem

There was some programs crashing and I did factory data reset. Now I want to root my mobile first. When I start all those procedures, "adb" is not detecting any devices..when I type "adb devices" on command line, it shows an empty list. I have enabled USB debugging. Other Media...

[SystemUI/Framework-res]Pantech Burst Users

rename the file back to "SystemUI.apk".lol don't want a awkward situation.In the directory of where you would adb your device place this in the directory and navigate to the folder where said file would be located type. - adb remount (remounts device and can give permissions) - adb push SystemUI.apk...

Pantech Breakout Black Screen then Bootloop

I have a Pantech Breakout that I am trying to port CyanogenMod to, using the Droid Incredible 2 CyanogenMod ROM as a base. (because it has the same SoC). I have tried many different porting guides, (the ones that involve copy/paste) and the one that is inside Android Kitchen. The...

Pantech Element Rooted

As was mentioned in another post, the Pantech Element has been rooted successfully by ATTN1 (awesome work he does no?) You can find the instructions and files needed here: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/22981-roo...ntech-element/