Samsung Theme Designer 1.0.5

Samsung Theme Designer 1.0.5

Samsung Theme Designer 1.0.5 is an authoring tool for designers and developers to create Theme content for Samsung mobile phones. Samsung Theme Designer supports native Samsung Mobile phones. And Samsung Theme Designer doesn't support Symbian, Windows, or Android Mobile development. The authoring tool includes model specific pre-set information, image/animation components, preview function, and sample theme templates.

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Need the CM10 default theme's APK file

i'm a designer and i just start a project to making a theme for CM10, and i want to use the CM10 default theme as template, i try to look it up inside the cm10 install zip but i failed, i also try to search keywords "system,default,theme,cm10" but i dint...

[CM9/10/10.1 THEME] LunarUi II (Rebirth) Beta 1

It's been awhile since I was involved in the android community. I've been busy freelance designing and through my jobs I tried to strengthen my skills as a designer. I would have never thought about coming back to the android scene if it weren't for everyone's support.

[Design Resources] Android ICS/JB GUI Design Kit and Action Bar Icon Design Template

Just to share some app design resources for any designer/developer using Adobe Photoshop for mock up/prototyping purpose.Android ICS/JB Photoshop GUI Design Kit. The main motivation of doing this is just to provide some stock elements of Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean) in a single .psd file so app designer...

[CM10/CM9/AOKP Theme] MotoInspired v2.0 (JB only) [hdpi]

this is my first attempt to do cm9 theme via theme chooser. As I use Motorola Defy and I kinda like some elements of it's ui graphics I named the theme MotoInspired. It's not a motoblur theme but rather my personal taste. It's blue oriented. Temporary it is for hdpi...

[ADW THEME] Droid Theme, Looking for feedback

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 i317, The theme looks good on my display using the xhdpi icons. But im unsure of how it will look on smaller phones. The forum wont let me post a link, but you can search for it in the market. Search for...

LG Optimus theme [CM10/CM9/AOKP] [xhpdi/hdpi]

Problems while installing the theme? - When installing this theme, you may ignore the "Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size." message! - Theme is not properly compiled error. Solution: Set system theme, reboot your phone, set MotoBlur theme

[Q] MTZ Theme

I have Samsung Galaxy S 2 AND Can I open MTZ Theme without miui rom??

[THEME][AOKP][CM10][HDPI/XHDPI] ENZO THEME V1.5[Theme Chooser][Online]

How to install: Download the theme, go to settings/themes and APPLY THE SYSTEM THEME AND REBOOT. Now select my Theme & apply. You may get an error: 'Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size'. Ignore that and apply it anyway and REBOOT.

[CM7 Theme][MDPI] Complete ICS Theme With Different Colors

Hello Guys i Made Complete black ics theme for cm7. this is pure achep ics theme with ics like black interface. All achep theme and com.mobint.hololauncher(Holo Launcher) kov.theme.ics(go launchar Ics theme) com.quoord.tapatalkpro.activity?(tapatalk)

[Theme] Alpha7 V:2 for CM7 Theme Chooser

This is a Sense 4.0 based theme for CM7 theme chooserWhat isn't this? This is a theme only, it will not give you sense widgets. HTC Clock in the screenshot is Fancy Widgets using new Sense theme. Unzip the attachment and place on your sd card, Android/data/fancywidgetsWhat is themed?