Star N8000, firmware and rom

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Star I9220 DPAD, firmware and rom

here the official post of STAR I9220 DPAD. it is a different phone with different firmware of haipai Noble i9220 e Star N8000.

radiation star n8000

What is the radiation level of the instrument star n8000 ?

[Q] Star N8000 screen protector

can anyone tell me if the Star N8000 has a factory fitted screen protector? I've just ordered one because it the first three days I've managed to put a scratch in the screen. However I've just noticed that around the front camera and ear piece it looks like it has...

Whats The Difference?

What's the difference between these 3 phones? Haipad i9220 Star i9220 Star N8000

[Q] Problems with screen star N8000

As'm navigating the menus of a sudden the screen flashes white and only after pressing the button to turn off the screen to boring and back to normal, more moments later the problem happens again.

[Q] GT-N8000 can not close the specific screen

i go the problem with my Note 10.1 gt-n8000 after flash rom, the desktop screen alway appear a specific hardware screen overlay all windows, so that i cannot see other, but still touch these screen as normal just hard

Stock rom req for n8000+ deluxe mt6577 1gh dual core

i just received this china phone Model N8000+ Deluxe with MT6577 1GH Dual Core running Android 4.0.4. My problem is that i have flashed wrong boot image, so now when i switch on the phone, the screen are all white.

Star Walk app is available for Android now!

Star Walk is our favorite app for stargazing. It shows celestial objects in their exact positions on the sky above you. With over 8,5 million users on iOS, Apple Design Award and a lot of encouraging words from our customers, we are ready to take the next step and announce...