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These icons are inspired by several other icons out there (ex the shading from. iPhonious and several alternate icons). Many thanks to all for the inspiration and in some cases. the icons. I wanted something that would simply unify the size and shape of app icons.A full list of the...

[ICONS] Basic Textual Icons [25 New Icons Added]

i have simply taken the .psd and used it to make android/phone specific icons. so far there are only 37 icons but i will be adding to the set now and again with requests etc.

[WIP] D3Rized Icons by s2w (135 icons now available)

Introducing a new set of icons entitled, "D3Rized by s2w". Currently 135 icons are available... but if there's enough interest I could expand the set. 95% of the icons have the activity name. So they should work with most launchers if made into a apk for ease of use.

[ICONS]+[DOCK] iPhonius HD - Requested Icons Start On PG10

Package contains 217 icons and will be updated. Added some custom-docks and if you like i could make some docks for you with specific icons. List of icons: Agenda Angry Birds Apps 3x Asphalt Bank Of America Barcode Books Browser 3x

standard icons from google

i am looking for a pack with the normal icons from android from google...i found 1000 icons pack, but they are everytime changed...i installed the cm7.1 and i dont like the icons...the normals are the best, for me. so i hope you can help me...or you can give me an...

[ICONS]547 icons-200x200 ]97 Styles to choose from

lots of system UI type icons,adding app icons on regular basis. might be good for themers(and others).This is all my work so please feel free to use in any way. Shout out to Phlash for getting me interested in this.....

[Icons][Template][DIY][Apex][Nova][Go][Adw] Goog Le Bean Icons

Well as some of you have noticed, I have a few themes on the Play Store... One of the tasks that take up some time (especially with my OCD) is making icons for my themes... So I decided to make this thread to get help from the community in making...