[Tool][AIO]Universal Android Flasher v1.40 b (ROM-dump,adb,Fastboot,build.prop,etc.)

[Tool][AIO]Universal Android Flasher v1.40 b (ROM-dump,adb,Fastboot,build.prop,etc.)

Right now it has following features:1.Complete Fastboot Flasher: It can Flash Boot,Recovery,System,Userdata,Radio Images and even Splash Images. It can also Help in Restoring Nandroid backups(not tested)2.ADB Flasher:For Cyanogenmod only. It can Flash Boot images,Recovery Image and Splash Image on a Live Running Android Device without rebooting phone3.Boot Animation Changer: yes it can also change boot animation of Android, Just choose any zip file of any name and it will flash it.

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Installation: 1. Download FNF Flasher 1.7, Gapps NandFix and PAC-man Build 20131208 2. Install Drivers inside /FNF Flasher 1.7/driver 2. Flash PAC-man Build with FNF Flasher (Press RESTORE, hit yes and DO NOT TOUCH NOTHING or you tablet will fail) 3. Tablet will enter in CWM recovery and Flash: -...

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I recently went searching for a collection of build.prop for any and all devices and although I could find build props for several devices, I usually needed to know some specifics about the device and then search google for the build.prop. This is all fine and dandy for finding a...

build.prop tweaks for all !!!!

i have seen many guys complaining about bad batterry life , slow phone responses and slow 3g and wifi problems . in order to remove these , apply these tweaks in build.prop found under system/build.prop . Copy these to the tweaks you would like to us at bottom of you...

Allwinner a10 Modding tool ICS

It can push files using adb shell like boot.img bootloader.img bootanimation.zip build.prop that is you can change "build.prop", "boot animation", "static boot logo" by modifying boot.img of your Allwinner A10 Tab and replacing it to directory. Default file are for NOVO 7 Advance II.

Modded build.prop on RCA tablet, now it won't boot. How can I fix it?

I went to mess around with a build.prop file on my cheapo RCA tablet, but in the process I bricked the tablet. It will boot into the stock recovery but that's all I can get it to do. I have a copy of the build.prop file on my desktop, but...

[Q] Is there a possibility to build a universal android ROM

is it possible to create a universal android rom. Today, cyanogenmod allow us to have different flavour of android for many devices. But cyanogenmod is not universal and requires specific hacks for each device.

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On my ROMs adventure I've been collecting some tweaks and scripts and seems to me it's now time to share it. While some values in terms of optimization might fluctuate from device to device, I've found these pretty consistent throughout many.Build.prop (edit your /system/build.prop with a file manager with root...

Device disappeared from Web Market after playing with build.prop

Had a go today at changing my Build.prop to try and access Xperia Play exclusive content. Tried it a few times with clearing Market cache and Google Services Framework, followed by reboot. This removed my HTC Incredibe S from my market account but sadly did not add Xperia Play. Anyway...

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Android Flash Recovery is a Windows GUI front-end for the Windows version of fastboot. This particular tool is designed to simplify flashing an Android device's recovery partition. Android Flash Recovery WILL NOT repair a bricked device. The device must be able to be put in to fastboot mode for Android...

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