update Vega IM-A850 ROM have full screen Mod Automatic support with LMT gestures

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[GUIDE] Sky a850 vega r3 rooting

Root: - On your phone,be sure that you have enabled "USB debuging mode"(Seting>System>Developer options), and Unknown source(Seting>System>Security) - Download and install LG USB DRIVER - Download this file and unrar it,you'll have "RootOptimusG" folder - Run "RootOptimusG.bat", chose "y" then hit "Enter" - Look up to your phone screen,select "Restore...

Rooting Sky Vega 4G LTE EX IM-A820L (Complete Tutorial)

i asked for help here on how to root Sky Vega 4G LTE EX IM-A820L. But sad to say no-one knew how. After searching for hours, i've successfully rooted my Sky Vega 4G LTE EX IM-A820L

[Recovery] RZrecovery - Many Devices

*RZrecovery*: -=overclock settings=- -=Arbitrary update.zip selection (with folders) (don't have to rename files to update.zip).=- -=rom.tgz support (of course)=- -=Unsigned update.zip support=- -=ability to wipe system, data, boot, dalvik-cache, battery stats, cache- -=No automatic backup when installing a rom.tgz=-

(Root,Cwmr,Hacks) Pantech Vega S5 (SKY IM-A840S)

I bought the pantech Vega Racer S2 (IM-A830L) and received it a few days ago. This was an upgrade from a Dell Streak phone that i was using for some time. This phone is amazing. The touch screen feels responsive, the screen is bright and nice, and most of all,...

[Q] Sky Vega a730s no Wifi and Bluetooth Help

It is my Sky vega A730s, i did a restore factory settings and Updated to android 2.3.4 via official website but it didn't solve the problem.

[ CM7 + ADW / Go ] Araviel's themes eXo Matte released !

1 - SetsReceive live updates / upcoming stuff on facebook and twitter !Android developer accountDirect links : (not recommended, can't receive automatic update here)Facedroid full setAerish GTX full set. Thoses packs contain CM7, Go, ADW themes apk with a resources folder (wallpaper, icon background, keyboard src, dock and dafont links)

Lockscreen gestures.

I really enjoyed the lockscreen gestures CM7 rom had but I had to change rom because I didn't enjoy the non sense touch alot and it lagged a bit. So I wonder , is it possible to have it on other roms?

[ROOT][ICS] Sky Vega Racer A770S + A760S ICS 4.0.4 (Easy)

I Got a Sky Vega Racer A760S (a great dual-core 1.5Ghz Phone by the way) and needed to root it and install recovery on it . Searched here in xda for post for that kind of phone , found some ways to root+recovery it successfully, but the problem was that...